Rough Guide to
New Website Fees

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What's the Cost of a Website?

An accurate fee depends on what you need and want. You really need to speak to us - fee quotations are free :-).

However, our 'rough guide' can give an indication of likely fee levels.

  • Starter
  • Business
  • Online
  • Online
  • Member
  • Design
  • Custom design
  • Unlimited designs
  • Pages & email
  • Mobile friendly pages for better user experience
  • 5 Essential pages
  • 10 Lead generation pages to generate sales and enquiries
  • Editor for you to quickly change content
  • Blog set-up to improve search engine listings
  • Social media integration to generate leads and enquiries
  • Speed optimisation to improve page performance and user experience
  • Optimisation of page data to improve search engine listings
  • Analytics to track website traffic, usage and performance
  • Security plugin to prevent website hacking
  • Back-ups to protect website data
  • Email set-up for more effective communications
  • Online shop
  • Product and category pages to generate sales and enquiries
  • Shop admin area for you to manage stock, pricing, offers and delivery
  • Marketplace integrations (e.g.Amazon, E-Bay) to generate multi-channel product sales
  • Point of sale integration for in-store sales
  • Online training
  • Multi-media course creation for engaging learning
  • Course and learner admin area for fee setting, discounts and learner support
  • Online course purchase for 24/7 sales
  • Member site
  • Creation and management of membership types
  • Membership admin area for member management and support
  • Online membership purchase & renewal for 24/7 sales
  • Domain name & hosting
  • Domain registration
  • Hosting set-up
  • Minimum Investment required
  • £499
  • £999
  • £1,777
  • £1,888
  • £2,222